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    // Replace these with your actual credentials and parameters

    const clientId = ‘YOUR_PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID’;

    const clientSecret = ‘YOUR_PAYPAL_CLIENT_SECRET’;

    const accessToken = ‘YOUR_FACEBOOK_ACCESS_TOKEN’;

    const adAccountId = ‘YOUR_AD_ACCOUNT_ID’;

    // Step 1: Authenticate with PayPal API using your client credentials

    // You will need to use the PayPal API to obtain an access token.

    // Refer to PayPal API documentation for authentication details.

    // Step 2: Create a billing agreement with PayPal

    // This involves sending a request to PayPal to set up a billing agreement for recurring payments.

    // Refer to PayPal API documentation for details on creating billing agreements.

    // Step 3: Retrieve the approval URL from PayPal

    // After creating the billing agreement, you’ll receive an approval URL from PayPal.

    // This URL will be used to redirect the user to PayPal for approval.

    // Step 4: Redirect the user to PayPal for approval

    // Use the approval URL obtained from PayPal to redirect the user’s browser to PayPal.

    // The user will need to log in to their PayPal account and approve the billing agreement.

    // Step 5: Handle the user’s return from PayPal

    // After the user approves the billing agreement, they will be redirected back to your site.

    // You’ll need to handle this return, extract relevant information, and confirm the billing agreement.

    // Step 6: Create a funding source in Facebook Ads Manager linked to PayPal

    // You will use the Facebook Ads API to create a funding source with PayPal as the payment method.

    // Refer to Facebook Ads API documentation for details on creating funding sources.

    // Step 7: Set the funding source for your ad account

    // You will associate the newly created funding source (linked to PayPal) with your ad account.

    // Refer to Facebook Ads API documentation for details on updating your ad account’s funding source.

    // Step 8: Start running ads using PayPal as the payment method

    // Once the funding source is set up, you can start running ads, and the ad spend will be charged to your linked PayPal account.

    // Please note: The actual code for each step can be quite extensive and requires careful handling of authentication, error handling, and API requests.

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